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Last Call- Ode to Hopper- 16" height by 120" wide -  Print on canvas. Ready to hang.  Tax included. Shipping and handling included within the continental Unite States. Please note that original paintings are for sale and can be viewed on the "painting" page of this website. If the original is sold you will see the word "sold " underneath the image. If you wish to commission the artist for an original painting, please contact her through her contact page with relevant information. Prints are by local printer Madison Editions


Depicting a night scene during 2020 of a pub and a nod to the tough times the restaurant industry has had during this time. A few artist notes: 1) See nighthawks for inspiration 2) #20 on the building referring to 2020 pandemic 3) Stay Home graffiti on the trash another nod to the pandemic 4) Irish flag pendant is a nod to my husband

who has been working in-person without complaint during this time in order to provide for our family 5) the street lights also double as a sort of UFO beam - which if you know me then you understand 6) yellow as a color of caution, but green as a color of regrowth and hope

READY TO HANG Last Call (large 16 x 20)”

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